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My name is Asia
• los angeles based
• model + actress
• military brat
• 100% nerd

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“Dancing in this world alone”
Anonymous: Honestly, I want someone can connect with. I know it sounds simple, but I want a connection so strong it will take the rest of our lives to figure out why it's so deep. A type of connection that blurs the lines between lovers and best friends. A connection that makes us feel comfortable being vulnerable around each other. A connection that motivates us to want to keep making things better. A deep connection, tying us together spiritually, mentally, and emotionally...


September 17 with 1 note
Anonymous: lol he does looks like a younger version of steve buscemi. but I like both his looks and his personality. I watched some of his interviews and he seems sort of reserved. i like him

are you reserved as well? from my experience ppl who are similar work well together like i never understood that “opposites attract” 

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nycsurfboart: Someone who's confident, but not cocky. Kind but not a people-pleaser. Passionate about his work/life, yet knows how to have a good time and most importantly family-oriented.... So basically ValC... Basically :P lol

ok but same tho

September 17 with 2 notes
Anonymous: bill skasgard is my ideal partner :)

bc of his looks or personality? like what makes him ur ideal partner

(also i googled him bc idk who he is and he kinda looks like a cross between austin butler and steve buscemi???? idk lmao)

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Y’ALL i cannot BELIEVE lupita got the rights to turn americanah into a movie y’all this is going to be so important

September 17 with 1 note


inbox me and describe your ideal partner 

or not, that’s cool too

September 17 with 1 note
powerful female rap artists you can listen to while you ignore iggy azalea



Chella H.

Rah Digga

Brianna Perry

Nitty Scott, MC

Please, for the love of music, please boost this post, and boost these women, who do not get half the attention Iggy gets for her cliché bullshit.

September 17 with 51,763 notes

"Open books, not legs" is the dumbest shit ever like

if I wanna read then I’ll read

and if I wanna fuck then I’ll fuck

and if I wanna rest my book against a hot guy’s head while he puts it between my spread legs then I’m gonna fucking do that bye

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