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My name is Asia
• los angeles based
• model + actress
• military brat
• 100% nerd

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“Dancing in this world alone”
❝Dear girl whose eyes matches the ocean,
the tides of this life have left your heart broken.
Dear girl whose voice sounds like the trees,
your breath becomes song when wind plays with your leaves.
Dear girl whose hair looks like the night,
as the black curtain rests on your shoulders so light.
Dear girl whose teeth are stained with smoke,
the men of this world are what’s worthless and broke.
Dear girl whose tears are soothing as rain,
they swim down the bath tub and into the drain,
Dear girl whose body was stolen by others,
remember my children will still call you mother.
Dear girl whose smile is hallow and cracked,
her laughter had wandered but never came back.
Dear girl who lives only in dreams,
nothing’s as real as anything seems.
Dear girl who once hung by a rope,
you left me in pieces with nothing to hope.
Dear girl who soon will be known as my daughter,
you’re the one who has turned a man to a father.
You might be known as one or all of the above,
but one thing you will always be,
is the girl who was loved.
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israel has no right to exist. i don’t care what jewish people had to endure. that doesn’t justify occupation. that doesn’t justify forcing previous indigenous peoples out of their homes. fuck the two state solution. why do palestinians have to give up the land that was wrongfully taken from them? fuck that. 

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Pushing your own boundaries sexually to please your partner is not an expression of ‘love’. Making yourself uncomfortable, making sexual ‘sacrifices’ (i.e. engaging in kinks you’re not comfortable doing) is not being a good partner. Being a good partner does not involve making yourself sexually uncomfortable or letting your partner coerce you into doing things you don’t want to do, and don’t ever let someone try to convince you otherwise.

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so when Zendaya was announced to be playing Aaliyah my dash was full of pictures of baby girl and song lyrics and how “Zendaya is ruining my idol” but now that she dropped out and everything has calmed down, I don’t see anyone reblogging Aaliyah on my dash except for one person and that’s an Aaliyah blog, y’all fake as fuck

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